Noah Schnacky Shares ‘Every Girl I Ever Loved’


Noah Schnacky delivers a tribute to past relationships with “Every Girl I Ever Loved,” available now via Big Machine Records. Noah co-wrote the track alongside Josh Kear and Lindsay Rimes.

“If you knew your love story would end in heartbreak, would you do it again? I would,” shared Noah. “Why? Because instead of thinking about all that I lost, I think about all that was gained in those moments spent together. The highs that made me feel alive, the lows that made me stronger, the lessons that made me who I am today. So, to every girl I ever loved, I am who I am because of you.”

Embracing the new challenges of quarantine, Noah has used this time to be more creative than ever. Recording the track from his home served as an inspiration for his new music as he was surrounded by the memories he’s made there. 

“Every Girl I Ever Loved” caps off a full year of new music for the 23-year-old, releasing his debut self-titled EP, Noah Schnacky, earlier this year to over 60 million streams.

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