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Olivia Lane Is ‘Feeling Like Christmas’



Olivia Lane has shared her new festive tune, “Feeling Like Christmas.” The sanguine, soulful country songwriter releases her first original holiday song with an official music video, available now.

“Amidst the hectic year 2020 has been, the feeling of Christmas is a light at the end of the tunnel for me,” says Olivia, who wrote the track with Skip Black and Matt Nolen. “I’ve been wanting to write an original Christmas song for a while now, so I guess I have to thank 2020 because I had the time to dive into achieving that. Christmas is my favorite time of year and this song truly reflects all of my over the top joyful feelings.”

The inspiring “Living Instead” podcast host (now in its second season), is anticipating a bright 2021, even hinting at a new album. Keep up with Olivia Lane via her “Liv It Update” newsletter, and see why her Instagram reels have garnered millions of views.

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