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Olivia Lane Shares New Single, “I Let The Devil In”



Olivia Lane has shared “I Let The Devil In”, the first of a series of tracks from her forthcoming new album HEART CHANGE, coming this summer.

“‘I Let The Devil In’ explores how easy it is to open the door to the thoughts that can sabotage even the strongest of us. It’s a cautionary tale,” she explains. “We all have those thoughts that live rent free in our minds and hearts. I hope this song shines a light on how we all can live a better life by choosing to not believe the lies we sometimes tell ourselves.”

Many fans already know Lane from her appearance on NBC’s Songland, as host of her Living Instead podcast, as the TikTok influencer with almost 2.5 million post likes, by the songs that have earned her recognition as one of Nashville’s top new female artists, or from the highly lauded entrepreneurial spirit that led to the launch of her own publishing venture Liv Write Play Music.

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