Parmalee & Blanco Brown Strip Back ‘Just The Way’


Parmalee and Blanco Brown teamed up last year for the first time on their collaboration single, “Just the Way,” which has had over 140 Million streams to date, and is currently at #2 on the US Billboard & Mediabase country radio charts and heading for the top spot; and hit #35 this week on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100.

To celebrate, they have today released a brand new acoustic version of the track.

“Just the Way,” written by Parmalee’s own Matt Thomas as well as Kevin Bard and Nolan Sipe is upbeat song with a catchy melody that fits the content of the track. The new collaboration praises folks for being true to themselves and encourages self-acceptance with lyrics like, “I love you just the way God made you, girl, he don’t make mistakes. What you call your imperfections I call beautiful babe.”

“I thought the message of this song was so beautiful when I first heard it, “ said Blanco Brown. “I love the way that it is filled with positivity and celebrates life’s imperfections. I appreciate Parmalee for including me on this track and helping to share purpose with the world.”

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