Parmalee Release New Album ‘27861’


Band-of-brothers Parmalee have today released their highly-anticipated sophomore album 27861, the zip code of their hometown of Parmele, NC.

27861 opens with current single “Sunday Morning,” which is reminiscent of the band’s rollicking sound that launched the quartet into Country star status, while also maintaining its signature “edge” (Taste of Country) and a mature keyed-up emotional delivery.

Featuring summer-ready heartland tracks laden with giant hooks like “American Nights,” “Back In The Game,” and “Like a Photograph,” lead singer Matt Thomas co-wrote nine of the album’s twelve tracks, while the project also enlists help of songwriting heavyweights including busbee, Hillary Lindsey and Ross Copperman among many others.

Proven chart-toppers, Parmalee earned three consecutive Top 10 singles from its debut album – including the multi-week, platinum-selling #1 “Carolina” – resulting in performances on NBC’s TODAY, FOX & Friends All American Summer Concert Series, and The Late Late Show; a 2016 ACM “New Vocal Duo / Group of the Year” nomination; national tours with Brad Paisley and Jake Owen – and so much more.

For a list of tour dates and more information, please visit:

27861 Track Listing

  1. “Sunday Morning” (Matt Thomas, Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne)
  2. American Nights” (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Jay Brunswick, Frank Rogers)
  3. “Heartbreaker” (Brock Berryhill, Jay Brunswick, Jason Blaine)
  4. “Like a Photograph” (Matt Thomas, Andrew Dorff, busbee)
  5. “Back in the Game” (Rodney Clawson, Hillary Lindsey, Matt Dragstrem)
  6. “Mimosas” (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Jared Tyler Mullins)
  7. “Hotdamalama” (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Craig Wiseman)
  8. “A Guy Meets a Girl” (Matt Thomas, Chase McGill, Jessie Jo Dillon)
  9. “Savannah” (Matt Thomas, Tom Douglas, Zachary Maloy)
  10. “Drink it Off” (Matt Thomas, Jim Beavers, Lindsay Rimes)
  11. “Barrel of a Shot Glass” (Matt Thomas, Barry Knox, David Fanning, Ben Stennis)
  12. “Roots” (Jared Mullins, Ben Stennis, Blake Bollinger)
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