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Paul McCartney Says He Envied This Kanye West Album



No other band has influenced music more than The Beatles. The Liverpool quartet not only crafted some of the most revered albums of all time, but their ceaseless desire to innovate the industry has set various musical trends that continue to be followed to this day. Plus, it’s important not to forget the countless artists the band has influenced over the last six decades. 

Yet despite the vast array of achievements he has earned with The Beatles, Wings, and as a solo performer, Paul McCartney isn’t averse to letting a little jealousy creep into his mind when thinking about other musicians and their creations. While you might think this is reserved exclusively for musicians within his own genre, McCartney is an unlikely fan of a certain controversial hip hop figure: Kanye West. 

In fact, the legendary Beatle had this to say about Kanye’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: “That was the record of Kanye’s that I really envied.” With the help of research from Betway Casino, this article will explore why McCartney feels this way. 

A masterpiece in the making

It’s fair to say My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy wasn’t a spontaneous idea. In fact, it required an incredible amount of work spread across multiple people and thousands of hours. While Kanye is rightfully the headline act, his vision and spotlight were shared by others – and their contributions were vital for the album’s now legendary status. 

Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Elton John, and long-time collaborators John Legend and Jay-Z all played their part in designing hip hop’s Mona Lisa. Yet, it was Kanye’s drive, creativeness, and even his ego that ensured MBDTF reached the heights few others can touch. 

It was revealed that Kanye would run with 14-hour studio sessions. If the gruelling work schedule wasn’t enough, the eccentric rules, including the need to adorn black suits, avoid all social media activity and picture taking, and “total focus on this project,” would have made lesser people question if Ye was in the right frame of mind. Ultimately, Kanye revealed that the song “Power” alone took “5,000 man-hours” to complete. He also claimed each song on MBDTF received the same amount of energy and attention. 

The plaudits

The effort put into the album was worth it. While it wasn’t close to being Kanye’s best-selling album, his public approval was on the floor after a certain infamous moment involving Taylor Swift. It received critical acclaim that no other entry in his discography can currently match. 

Considering The College Dropout, Yeezus, Late Registration, and Graduation are all generally regarded as modern-day classics, the fact that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is ranked so far ahead is quite the feat. 

Yet MBDTF’s Metacritic score of 94 speaks for itself. Using that review aggregator as the judge means Kanye’s creation is the fourth-best rap album of all time – and only two points from sharing the top spot. 

Many publications listed it as the best album of 2010, while others like Rolling Stone, Complex, and Billboard, went a step further by calling Kanye’s magnum opus the best record of the decade.

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