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PREMIERE: Curtis Grimes – ‘Ain’t Worth The Heartache’ Video



As part of the Destination Country network, we’re excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of Curtis Grimes’ new video for ‘Ain’t Worth The Heartache’!

The track is taken from his forthcoming ‘Acoustic Collection’ EP, and Curtis explains the inspiration behind the throwback-style song:

“I really wanted to write a song that that I feel like Keith Whitley would have cut. That was the plain and simple approach. I had the idea on my phone. I just recorded a voice memo so I had the first the first verse and a good chunk of it going before I went into our co-write for the day. I wrote with a guy named Ronny Vines, just super traditional. I know if I go write with Ronny, he’s not gonna pull me too commercial. He likes that traditional vein too.”

The EP is available to pre-order/pre-save here:

“I’ve noticed a lot of acts were resorting to that, just for content, over the shutdown. We had plans to do a full-length record next year. In the meantime, we’re pumping out singles. We’ll send them to Texas radio, that’s what we’re gearing our marketing towards. I wanted to do the acoustic thing because I know if you’re going into Spotify, and other outlets, they actually appreciate and use the acoustic tracks as well. It’s kind of a double whammy. We get content and I get to put out a couple of new songs. Two of the songs are older or off of previous records but the production is so different”

Like everyone else, it’s been a difficult year for Curtis without the ability to tour due to the COVID pandemic. You might assume that his independent status may have left him, and other independent artists, in a tricky situation, but Curtis says the freedom has some major positives:

“We have a lot less debt. That’s the thing a lot of people don’t realize, when you sign a major label deal and they pump a million dollars to release the single and here you are a new artist with the number one song, you’re indebted a million to a million and a half to that label and if it works out, the one in a 1000 times it works out then great, you recoup it back, but if not and you’re indebted to them, they control your music, they tell you you can tour or not and you’re kind of a slave to the man.

I always raise the pros and cons of having the bus and living the cool way of touring, versus not but also not having all that. One thing that allowed me to weather the storm here with (the pandemic) was because my expenses are controlled and I’m not indebted to anyone. I don’t have overheads turning when we’re not playing so that control and that financial security is definitely nice. It’s amazing that we can be self-sustained and still make a living. I’ve got a family to support, I got a mortgage, I got a wife…. as long as I’m able to do that and do music, then I’ll keep doing it but I wouldn’t want my family to suffer for the sake of chasing the dream.”

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