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PREMIERE: Morgan Myles – ‘Silence’ Acoustic Video



As part of the Destination Country network, we’re delighted to premiere an acoustic performance of ‘Silence’, from Pennsylvania native Morgan Myles.

Myles is in the process of releasing acoustic recordings and videos for several of the album tracks. The Acoustic Therapy Sessions were recorded at East Iris Recording Studios, produced and mixed by UMG producer/engineer Jake Butler, mastered by Kevin Reeves (Dwight Yoakam, Judy Garland, George Harrison) and feature guitarist Scott Reeves.

“I wrote ‘Silence’ after a long time of trying to reason with someone that would never give me an ounce of respect. The day prior to writing this song, my then-manager decided to send me an email with the songs that would be on my EP, which he had said that the artist would always have a say in – but gave me no say. At that point, I had written about 65 songs in 5 months and still had about 10 more co-writes to go on the books. Needless to say, this was a slap in the face that confirmed my opinion didn’t matter. Instead of calling and complaining about the circumstance, I remained quiet – I didn’t feel a discussion would get me anywhere.

The next day, when I had a writing session with Jason Mater (my co-producer) and Rollo Spreckley (who’s written hits for Chain Smokers), I had the line, ‘silence is the only way you’ll listen’ in my head from talking out the situation with my mother the day before. We wrote this whole song in two hours – the frustration was so heavy that the lyrics just fired out faster than we could write them down. Jason, being my producer, set up a mic in the studio and we demoed the song in one take.

The emerging artist and Pennsylvania native has already earned critical acclaim from outlets such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, and CMT. A natural songwriter herself, Myles’ songs display themes of strength, perseverance, and empowerment. In January 2020, she released her debut album Therapy – a collection of songs that chronicles Myles’ recent hardships and showcases her ability to overcome with help from her craft. 

“‘Silence’ was definitely my passive-aggressive way of trying to be heard in a very toxic situation. I love when women come up to me after shows and tell me they needed to hear that song – most of their stories are abusive relationships, unfortunately. It’s definitely more common than people realize. My manager swore the silent treatment didn’t work on him, but silence is what ultimately got him out of my life – and landed ‘Silence’ on the record!”

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