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PREMIERE: The Blue Highways – ‘Won’t You Choose Love This Christmastime’



As part of the Destination Country network, we’re delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of ‘Won’t You Choose Love This Christmastime’ from The Blue Highways, a seasonal ballad calling on people to remind themselves what is important at this special time of year.  

“I suppose the inspiration was that many of the classic Christmas songs don’t actually avoid all the difficulties of the times in which they were written, songs like “All Alone For Christmas”. Those type of songs actively talk about the times and difficult situations people face but ultimately they encourage self-reflection and remind you to enjoy the good things in life,” reflects Callum.  

While there is much that is true to their style, writing and recording a Christmas song, particularly during lockdown, stretched the band in a number of ways.  

Circumstances and working with a new co-producer presented challenges for the band; only the drums and vocals were recorded in the studio and the partnership of Callum and up-and-coming electronic producer Ed Roberts had to be done remotely over Zoom.  

Pre-save the track HERE.

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