PREMIERE: UK Country Rockers Backwoods Creek Release ‘Keep Off The Grass’


“There was a sign saying
keep off the grass I say
to hell with that!”

Backwoods Creek are band that live and breathe music. You can hear it in the way they write their songs, the way they play live and the way their eyes light up at the slightest hint or real music. This is clearly shown in their new single, Keep Off The Grass, where they take a no excuses approach, with an in your face production coupled with a message of finding your own identity and not caring what anyone has to say about it.

The band have over doubled their following in the past year, playing a large number of shows all across the country, and are hitting the ground running in 2018 with this track, and lots more on the way!


What industry folks are saying:

“They have a really great relationship, which shines through both their music and on stage! Their energy was so infectious they got the whole crowd singing at 2pm!”

-Entertainment Focus-

“They are a multi-talented bunch of guys. Musically they are a very tight group that work brilliantly together.”

-Cross Country Magazine-

“The Backwoods Creek Boys are a w21Music favourite, they are on point, fantastic and all round good fun. If you get a chance catch up with them and buy their music!”


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