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Rainey Qualley – Turn Down The Lights (EP)



Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.11.31Traditionally the pop-up stages at the annual C2C weekender at the O2 in London have featured up and coming, mainly UK based, acts.

There appears to be a policy shift for this year’s event. It seems a little more ‘international’, including performers from the US who would not yet be considered for the main stage.

Rainey Qualley would fit into this category. She is certainly highly tipped in Nashville to create waves in the country music industry. The daughter of musician Paul Qualley and actress Andie MacDowell, she has quite a lot going for her.

Miss Golden Globe in 2012, a successful acting career and a singing voice that compliments her song writing talents.

It’s worth checking out her 7 track EP ‘Turn Down The Lights’, which was released in June last year. You have to appreciate the quality of her voice and the diversity of her song writing talents.

She wrote all 7 tracks and if they are an indication of what’s to come, a full album is one we are certainly looking forward to.

The opening track ‘Turn Me On Like The Radio’ is an instantly infectious foot-tapper and very radio-friendly. ‘Dead and Gone’ with its banjo and fiddle introduction deals with the perils and pitfalls of growing up.

The tempo increases a notch with ‘Watered Down’. A souring chorus and a vocal style that reminded us of a certain country superstar. This track would fit very easily on a Carrie album.

The pick of the EP is the beautiful ballad ‘Never Mine’. A song about a one-way love affair, with an impeccable vocal delivery.

Her first US single ‘Me and Johnny Cash’ made progress  chart-wise, without providing her with the smash hit that she undoubtedly deserves. We have provided a link to the video below.

We are told that she is preparing new music for her debut album on Cingle Records and we look forward to seeing how her career develops.

In the meantime, we have the pleasure of her seeing her perform live very shortly in London. Don’t miss her!

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