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Raleigh Keegan Releases Brand New Track “New To Nashville”



Raleigh Keegan

Raleigh Keegan has released a brand-new track called “New To Nashville,” available everywhere now HERE.

Written by Keegan with Daniel Leathersich and Ryan Brisotti, “New To Nashville” is the first track from his forthcoming new EP, A Tale of 7 Cities.  The new EP follows his critically acclaimed debut full-length album, Clocks Roll Forward, which released last October.
“I wanted to start with ‘Nashville’ because it’s where I am now,” shares Raleigh of the new track. “A place where dreams are made, but no shortage of dreams don’t come true also. This song tells both sides of that story.”

“New To Nashville” is the first of seven city-themed songs from A Tale of 7 Cities, which he has co-produced with Chad Judd. “When I am trying to decide what to do next with my music, I look through my phone full of songs that I have written and start trying to recognize themes or patterns,” Raleigh says of the EP. “I noticed that I had a few songs with city titles in them, and thought about the classic ‘A Tale Of Two Cities.’ As a songwriter, I frequently flip things and try to make them different. I’m also a sucker for an alliteration, so I modified it to ‘A Tale of 7 Cities’ because I love how it sounds. That’s where this journey all began!”

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