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Randall King Reveals “Shot Glass” Album Details



Randall King

Randall King is giving another sneak peak into his highly anticipated major label debut album Shot Glass, revealing the album cover art and complete track listing (see below). The 11-song record, produced by Bart Butler and Ryan Gore, centres around a night out at a bar, with each song representing a different point of view of those in the room.

King performed one of the unreleased tracks, “Can’t You Feel How That Sounds,” last week at Warner Music Nashville’s CRS Luncheon. He joked to the audience ahead of his performance, saying “I’m used to playing in honky tonks, so feel free to sling around a little beer and holler if you’d like.”

Fans can expect more live-performance album teasers at his upcoming Grand Ole Opry debut on March 15.

Shot Glass Track Listing:

1. Baby Do (Randall King, Brandon Kinney, Brice Long)
2. Record High (Rodney Clawson, John Pierce, Drake Milligan)
3. You In A Honky Tonk (John King, Matt Rogers, Brandon Day)
4. Can’t You Feel How That Sounds (Randall King, Brandon Kinney, Brice Long)
5. Roger, Miller Lite and Me (Randall King, Brandon Kinney)
6. Hey Cowgirl (Randall King, Brice Long, Mark Nesler)
7. Hard Way To Make It Rain (Randall King, Dan Smalley)
8. Middle of Nowhere Church (Randall King, Jeffrey Steele)
9. Around Forever (Randall King, Will Bundy, Josh Miller)
10. Shot Glass (Tony Lane, Brett James)11. I’ll Fly Away (Albert E. Brumley)

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