Remedy – A Zac Brown Band Film (Part 1)

Zac Brown Band have released part one of their video trilogy, featuring ‘Remedy’. To escape from her self-destructive lifestyle and her alcoholic mother, a young woman runs into the forest to connect with her heritage, to find love and knowledge in a world where she must struggle to survive emotionally. Being Visible. When communication becomes impossible, the heritage of your ancestors, forgiveness and love, are the only way to heal.

“It gives a story and a life to each one of these songs, where they can live online and have a lot more impressions and views than songs that just happen on the radio” said Zac. “We’ll have some other videos for my songs that are singles and then we’ll have the trilogy. The companion to the music that’s on the album; there’s visual pieces for it, for people that prefer to see it. This is an attempt to ring out every drop of exposure that we can, so we can share the heart that’s in the songs with people…hopefully it means something to them.”