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SINGLE REVIEW: Blake Shelton – ‘Every Time I Hear That Song’



Blake is what most of the USA have in mind when you say ‘country music’ on account of his turn on The Voice USA. They have spring and fall run over there, so it seems not a week goes by that Blake isn’t wanting someone on his team; his bloke Sundance Head won the last season ahead of (country fans!) Billy Gilman, the former child star.

To coincide with a new series Blake has a new single from If I’m Honest, his straight-down-the-middle country album of last year. Officially this is the fifth single (the fourth to go to country radio), and it can easily slide by in the context of the album, so polished and precise its sound.

The song’s focus is on the Proustian rush of a tune that reminds poor Blake of the lost love. ‘Still think about you…’ he sighs on a slight, simple tune that will certainly be another radio hit and possibly his twenty-fourth number one over there. Recalling the sweetness and sheen of his twenty-third ‘A Guy with a Girl’, this tune has a singsong melody, especially in the second part of each verse (‘we were craa-zy’).

The vocal is impassioned, the chorus insistent and hooky, and the video suitably dramatic with Blake caged by raindrops and physically unable to get his girl back. At least on this track he isn’t calling his past love the girl who ‘put a big F-U in my future’.

The song was written by Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsay, who need never work again after writing ‘Amazed’ by Lonestar, and the Warren brothers Brad and Brett, who have a big hit at the moment with ‘Sober Saturday Night’ by Chris Young and Vince Gill. That song is better as a ‘getting over you’ song, since it kicks in brilliantly in a way this song does not. This Blake tune also somewhat pales against the moody ‘Came Here to Forget’, where he’s in a bar rather than remembering being on the girl’s front lawn.

Blake will look suave on TV when he performs this to give it a push on its way up the charts, but he has passed forty and, beyond his role as future Mr Gwen Stefani, one awaits the passage of his career arc as he moves into the Garth/George/Tim heritage stage.

(Writer – Jonny Brick)

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