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Cassadee Pope – Summer (EP)



13260143_1008905465865596_5889055927163091738_nThings are looking very good for Cassadee Pope right now. After a period out of the spotlight, she is very much back on the scene, mainly due to her collaboration with Chris Young on the #1 hit ‘Think Of You’. Her debut album ‘Frame By Frame’ produced a couple of country radio successes, ‘Wasting All These Tears’ and ‘I Wish I Could Break Your Heart’. 3 years on, it seems Cassadee is ready for a change. A more vulnerable, open style can be seen on her new ‘Summer’ EP.

“I’m so, so grateful for the success of the first album; “Wasting All These Tears” changed my life. But I think this is a completely different situation: I’m baring it all, really, in my lyrics; I’m showing the good, the bad, the ugly. I’m being very vulnerable, but also empowering, and I think that’s where I am, mentally, and also totally through my music, you can hear that.”

You could be forgiven for expecting a light-hearted, fun party track with the title track ‘Summer’. The melody is a pop-infused, incredibly catchy tune which would fit seamlessly onto a country radio playlist. However, lyrically the song is a rather deep recollection of a lost love who “talked like, walked like, looked like, and burned like summer”. It’s definitely a radio hit waiting to happen.

‘Piano’ is also effective and will appeal to the masses. It’s about a guy who “played me like a piano” and is delivered with such passion. This is a real showcase of why Cassadee won The Voice; it’s an effortless depiction of pain but also determination to move on. It’s got a slightly rockier edge to it than the other tracks with the use of electric guitars and it’s another incredibly catchy delight.

‘Kisses At Airports’ starts with a very delicate introduction and builds gradually into a truly powerful sound. This is the only track not written by Cassadee; it was written by Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington and Chase McGill. Cassadee said “It’s just so powerful. I think all of us have been through that moment where we are leaving to fly somewhere or we’re coming back from somewhere and excited to see somebody. It’s that sentiment of making sure the people you care about know that you love them, because you just never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

‘Alien’ is the stand out track. Cassadee has been playing this out on the road for a while and it has become a firm fan favourite. “What’s the point of fitting in? Cos at some point I know we’ve all been alien”. An anthem for those who feel like they aren’t accepted for being who they are. Very touching lyrics and an equally beautiful melody.

It would be easy to ignore this EP with all the releases lately from the likes of Blake, Dierks, Maren, Dan and Shay etc.. but this definitely deserves a listen. It’s a very impressive project from an artist who has matured and evolved so much since her first album and is reaping the benefits. If this is a sign of things to come from the sophomore album, we cannot wait to hear the full project.

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