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Corey Kent White – Long Way (EP)



13091927_1115971041788746_3702185372411583955_nThe best introduction to the very talented Corey Kent White is his blind audition for The Voice in March 2015. He performed Zac Brown Band’s ‘Chicken Fried’.

He performed it superbly but the chairs didn’t turn until the last 3 seconds. Blake became his mentor and he eventually reached the last 8 of that year’s competition.

Fast forward a year and we now have a 4 track EP. It’s been a very good year for quality music. We have raved about the debut EP from William Michael Morgan and the latest Josh Kelley album is a masterpiece. The standards are high but this passes the test with flying colours.

Corey is a Oklahoma native who released an EP in 2015 shortly after his appearance on The Voice, and the exposure that the show created helped with the download count. It was favourably received and sold reasonably well but he has certainly moved onto the next level now.

He is now working with Brad Hill who has recently become an in-demand producer after his collaborations with Maren Morris and Brothers Osborne.

This is apparent from the opening bars of the second track ‘You Got It’ which has the distinctive guitar riffs that graced the Brothers Osborne ‘Pawn Shop’ album. It’s a song that has everything. Guitar rock and alt-country fusion that is so mainstream it demands radio airplay. A raucous song where the instrumentation takes over midway before White’s vocals regain the upper hand. Also, a good song needs a good singer. Corey Kent White is a very good singer indeed.

It would be easy to say that ‘You Got It’ steals the show but we are not certain about this. The quality of the remaining 3 songs on this EP make it a four horse race.

The opener ‘The Same Thing’ is more melodic and atmospheric but has a killer chorus. Again, the guitars build to a climax.

The ballad on offer is ‘When I’m Lonely’, a mainstream country song that superbly complements the more up-beat offerings here.

It is difficult to choose the best track. The final offering ‘Long Way’ has the country credentials; the slide guitars and the fiddles. The production value is superb and they are extremely well written songs.

The main purpose of an EP release is to showcase the artist’s talents. The second is to leave the audience wanting more. It succeeds on both counts. We will be keeping tabs on Corey Kent White’s future offerings. A very impressive addition to 2016’s current releases.

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