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Demi Marriner – Tracks and Trails (EP)



12948376_1123315637698835_1288722672_oHasn’t it been refreshing to witness the recent resurgence of females in country music? Over in the US, the likes of Kacey Musgraves, Kelsea Ballerini and Cam have all made their mark on the industry. Back home we have incredible talents like Laura Oakes and Ward Thomas achieving great success. It’s time to add another name to the list. Not heard too much about Demi Marriner? You might do very soon.

Demi Marriner is an 19-year-old country singer-songwriter from Birmingham. On Friday 15th April, she will release her debut EP ‘Tracks and Trails’, the first introduction to a fantastic prospect for British country music and a showcase of Demi’s immense vocal and song-writing talents. The EP features four self-written tracks written from the heart, with themes that will resonate with listeners far and wide. “I’m inspired by real life scenarios. If something’s happened to me, it’s probably happened to somebody else too. The stories can be told and everybody will relate to it in their own way” says Demi.

The EP kicks off with ‘C You’, a quirky up-beat tune with an incredibly catchy chorus that you won’t be able to get out of your head. A humorous take on a situation where two people see a ‘friendship’ differently, ‘C You’ was one of the earlier songs Demi wrote for the EP and has become a favourite for Demi herself, as well as audiences at her live shows. The track was recently played by BCMA veteran Jim Duncan on WCR FM, who absolutely fell in love with it from the first listen, describing it as a “stand-out track”. Don’t expect any heavy instrumentation; it’s just a simple, loveable and incredibly infectious country tune.

‘Runaway Train’ follows, the very first track Demi wrote for the EP. This is an intricately crafted song about the trials and tribulations of a relationship. “Where’s this runaway train bound? Is it even coming back to our home town?” With an acoustic and electric guitar at the forefront, this is another simple yet wonderfully effective foot-tapper. Quite vocally challenging too, but Demi breezes through the chorus with ease, as she does in her live shows.

Then we come to a personal favourite, ‘Pretty’, a truly stunning track with a very powerful message. This gorgeous composition focuses on the state of today’s society, where people seem to be brainwashed into following trends and conforming to certain ideologies. “You gotta be you”. Not to mention Demi’s beautiful delivery of the song – the chorus really is a goose bump moment! When you consider her age, the ability to write a track like this deserves recognition. We have a young artist here with an incredibly mature writing style. It’s a gift, you either have it or you don’t. Demi has it in abundance.

Finally we have ‘Second Hand Smoke’, perhaps the most mainstream-orientated track on offer and probably the most radio-centric song on the EP. Again, the quality of the writing here is superb, metaphorically depicting the feelings of somebody moving on from a relationship and letting go of their past. “You can keep your second hand smoke to yourself”. The electric guitar throughout the track is sublime and really gives the track some depth, and the thumping back beat is so compelling and draws you in from the first beat.

For a first release, ‘Tracks and Trails’ is a very impressive collection of songs that will touch the hearts of listeners and connect with people in their own different ways. Don’t underestimate Demi’s talent, she is certainly one to watch over the next few years. If this is a taste of things to come, then we might have a new star ready to take on the challenges of the UK country music industry. Demi’s sophisticated, accomplished writing style stands her in great stead for the future, and we can’t wait to hear more!

The EP will be available digitally on Friday 15th April on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc… and you can also buy physical copies from Demi’s EP launch gigs:

Friday 15th April – CHELTENHAM – The Stable
Tuesday 19th April – BIRMINGHAM – Actress and Bishop
Sunday 24th April – WOLVERHAMPTON – Dog and Doublet

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