REVIEW: Dustin Lynch – ‘Current Mood’


Well he definitely isn’t a ‘small town boy’ anymore… With the release of ‘Seeing Red’ back in July 2016 it was clear that Dustin Lynch’s sound had got a whole lot sexier.

Dustin recorded this latest album, ‘Current Mood’, over the past 3 years with the help of 5 different producers and 8 different studios. It has a definite theme running through, which explores relationships and the emotions associated with lust as well as love. Its full of party anthems with a couple of traditional ballads thrown in which add the perfect amount of depth to the overall record without detracting from the high energy Pop-Country tracks.

“I just feel confident in myself in what I want to say, how I perform,” Lynch told Billboard backstage before his iHeartRadio Album Release in New York City, just hours before the album dropped. “I really just worked as hard as I can to get better at everything — writing, recording and producing, the whole deal. On top of this, I’m just in love with every song on this album.”

“This album is a glimpse into the last three years of my life…the travel, the adventures, the relationships and the personal growth,” says Lynch. “I think this is the most personal release I have done and I’m really excited to share with everyone my current mood.”

‘I’d Be Jealous Too’ opens the album with a lighthearted take on jealousy and has some strong Sam Hunt vibes to get a crowd dancing, and it goes perfectly with the good time vibe of ‘Party Song’

Dustin takes things down a much racier route with ‘Seeing Red’ and ‘Back On It’ and ‘Why We Call Each Other’. It is refreshing to hear a country artist sing about love without being soppy and pining. ‘Why We Call Each Other” is a highlight on this album for me which is just about two people just fitting together without the need for anything more. He’s managed to have a ‘friends with benefits’ style song that doesn’t start or end in heartbreak and hits the nail on the head lyrically.

The flip side to these laid back relationships is apparent with ‘Love Me Or Leave Me Alone’ which was recorded with Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful song, which will strike a chord with anyone who has ever had wanted someone more than they were wanted in return. Karen’s voice adds gorgeous harmonies and elevates Lynch’s deep southern voice to another level. The stripped-back style keeps a traditional country element in a very pop-country dominated album.

We are treated to some good old fashioned love songs with ‘Small Town Boy’ (the second number one single from the album and his fifth consecutive chart-topper) and ‘State Lines’. Yes the concept behind ‘Small Town Boy’ is a country staple and isn’t particularly original. It is full of clichés and if you tried to play the country music drinking game of a shot anytime someone mentions boots, trucks, dirt roads, beer and baby, you would be drunk half way through but it manages to hook you in from the opening and is easy to enjoy and listen to.

The most underrated song on Current Mood in my opinion is ‘New Girl’. It feels a lot more personal than the rest of the album, he’s singing to a girl who is going through some tough times and he just wants her to find happiness. It rounds off an album about love and relationships perfectly, showing that we don’t always make the best choices but there is someone out there who will love you the way you deserve.

Dustin is well known for his high energy on stage when he performs and this album is guaranteed to be a hit live. Fingers crossed we all get to witness it with a UK tour or even an appearance at C2C.

Jessica Russell

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