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REVIEW: Dylan Scott – Debut Album



13912892_1043235332438999_7181080755836392512_nSuch is the diverse nature of country music these days, it might be an idea to begin album reviews with a general ‘which side of the fence’ comment. This one isn’t so easy. There are times when listening to this album when you would be tempted to put Dylan Scott in the Sam Hunt, Dan + Shay camp. However, it’s not difficult to argue a case for the William Michael Morgan team either. Let’s just say he’s hedging his bets.

There is a growing opinion that the days of bro-country is coming to an end but a quick glance at the billboard charts and half an hour listening to US country radio seems to suggest otherwise. There is still a huge market for the pop-country guys to tap into, and Scott’s immediate future seems very assured.

His debut album entered the Billboard Country Album chart at number 5 and his single ‘My Girl’ has just broken into the top 40. He has a list of considerable advantages. He has a superb baritone voice and sings very decent songs. He also had a hand in writing 7 of the album’s 13 tracks and this is a seriously impressive debut album.

The first two tracks ‘Lay It On Me’ and ‘My Town’ are very ‘urban’. ‘My Town’ is straight from the Sam Hunt school of country music. The electro beats, the quick fire rapping and the catchy chorus. ‘Passenger Seat’ leaves Sam at the classroom door but never drifts too far away from the Hunt influences. Very radio friendly.

The single ‘My Girl’ was a song that was written for the lady that became his wife and it is also a song that demonstrates that there is a lot more to this guy than first meets the eye. This may be the song that opens doors for Scott. Lyrically unchallenging but as with all good songs, a certain feel and hook in the chorus that just works.

A song that really should have opened the door for Scott was ‘Crazy Over Me’. It was released last year and just about cracked the top 30. It should have done much better. We first got to witness the country side of Dylan Scott and liked what we saw. It’s a song that he performed at the Grand Ole Opry. We have included a link below. There is no doubt that this guy has huge potential.

He originates from Louisiana. His Dad played guitar for Freddie Fender and often appeared in Nashville. Young Dylan’s ambition was to go there. He made his first visit when he was 15 and his Dad introduced him to the guy who would eventually become his manager. The record deal was offered and accepted at 19 and an EP followed in 2013. It only had moderate exposure and the singles failed to chart but with a voice like that he was always going to be given further opportunities.

Scott has never been afraid to push the boundaries. His live show will include elements of old school as well as modern, almost R&B influences. He is clearly in his comfort zone with the spoken verses and southern soul vibe.

The final track ‘Do You Think About Me’ is made for radio. It has all the ingredients. The gentle R&B sway, the fast spoken, almost rap chorus and the production that the likes of Dan + Shay would relish.

We get the impression that Dylan Scott has all the attributes to follow the trends in country music. Take a listen to the ballads ‘Rules’ and ‘Living Room’ for evidence of his country credentials. We don’t yet know whether the tides are shifting but we do know that Scott intends to be around if they do. This is a very good debut album from a guy that we suspect may be poised to join the ‘A Team’ of country music very soon.

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