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Fifth Floor (EP)



unnamedFifth Floor is a new country duo from Sweden, who interestingly met at university in London through their mutual love of McFly (Not the typical starting point for a country act!). Matilda encouraged Moa to watch the TV show Nashville and she soon became a country music convert. One year later, Fifth Floor was formed.

On June 6th, the duo released their debut self-titled EP, an introduction to their catchy brand of country music and strong harmonies. The lead single ‘Drink It Away’ was released prior to the EP launch and received positive reviews from country blogs and fans across the UK. Rightly so. It’s an infectious melody with a hook that you’ll be singing for the rest of the day. Definitely the most mainstream-orientated track on offer and the highlight of the EP.

‘You’re Not In The Picture Anymore’ highlights the wide range of genres embraced by the duo. Moa has a rock background and the influence is clear here. Miranda Lambert has been credited as one of their inspirations, and this track has that rock-country, gritty feel about it that we know and love in Miranda’s repertoire. The lyrics are also very hard-hitting – “I’d rather be lonely by myself than lonely with you” – written with real anger and a determination to move on.

‘Where The Credits Roll’ is probably the most out-and-out ‘country’ song on the EP, driven by acoustic guitars with a distinctive country melody. It starts with a single acoustic guitar and the intensity gradually builds throughout the song. Once again, Moa and Matilda’s harmonies take the limelight in a very pleasant track that would sound great in a live show.

‘Ghost Town’ turns up the bass once again in another rather rocky track. Carrie Underwood springs to mind. There’s a thumping backbeat adding a real attitude to the track, and a superb guitar solo adds another dimension to the duo’s sound. Certainly not one for the traditionalists but it’ll appeal to the masses.

Overall, not a bad introduction to a duo that have a lot of potential. There’s nothing on here that will blow you away, but they have demonstrated an ability to create catchy melodies and write songs with an open, honest style that audiences will relate to. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on Fifth Floor and we look forward to future projects.

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