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REVIEW: Gary Quinn – ‘I Remember’ EP



14237669_1105136469532688_8093221703316637209_nBCMA ‘Male Vocalist Of The Year’ nominee Gary Quinn has today released his much-anticipated 5-track EP titled ‘I Remember’, his first release since a self-titled album back in 2013. A few weeks ago, we were given a taster of the new project with the lead single ‘Shame’ which has a slightly edgier, mainstream-orientated style than Gary’s previous material, whilst still maintaining that familiar Gary Quinn warmth and quality. After hearing this, I was intrigued to see whether the rest new EP would take Gary in a slightly different direction.

A full review of the lead single can be found HERE

As it turns out, ‘Shame’ wasn’t a reflection of the rest of the EP at all. The other four tracks exactly what you would expect from Gary – easy-listening, hearty country with a traditional feel and incredibly slick production throughout. There is nothing at all that will deter Gary’s loyal fans. It has to be said, after the atrocity of the CMA nominations earlier this week it’s rather refreshing to see an artist staying true to his roots; proper country is still alive and well.

The EP kicks off with ‘First Glance’ – a couple reminiscing about the beginning of their relationship and their memories of a genuine love at first sight. “When you turned round, there was no doubt so I took my chance, yeah I knew in that first glance”. If you needed any assurances that Gary would be sticking to his guns with this EP, the pedal steel which takes the limelight at the beginning of the track will certainly put you at ease! A very well-written and melodically catchy track with some lovely traditional instrumentation.

‘Body Language’ sees Gary playing with a sexier approach to his writing; he actually refers to this one as the “sexy song” in his set list! “When you bite your lower lip, I just can’t resist getting all tangled up and lost in your body language”. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one released as the next single; it’s an instant favourite for me and it almost has a Josh Turner feel about it.

‘Each Night You Lie’ takes the tempo down a notch and takes the mood into a slightly darker place. Written about the aftermath of a break-up, struggling to recover from losing that certain someone, Gary’s delivery conveys the pain and heartache beautifully. “Knowing you don’t want me like I want you…I still can’t help wondering where you go each night you lie beside me”.

The final track on the EP ‘The Best Man Won’ closes the EP in style. It’s the next chapter in the story after ‘Each Night You Lie’; a moment of acceptance “with your head held high”. Once again, flawless delivery and superb backing full of good old pedal steel.

This EP is another showcase of Gary’s immense talent, proving why he’s considered by many as one of the best in the UK. You don’t get a BCMA nomination for ‘Male Vocalist Of The Year’ for nothing. His honest, open and diverse writing style, combined with his superb ear for a warm, traditional melody is something quite rare in the genre these days and Gary deserves a lot of respect for staying consistent and true to his roots. A superb EP, well worth checking out.

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