REVIEW: Holloway Road At Nashville Nights

Is there anybody better on the UK country scene to get a party crowd going than reigning BCMA duo of the year Holloway Road? Wow, these guys have got some energy. Nashville Nights provides the perfect environment for their charismatic, powerful style, with a mass of country fans up for a good time and ready for ‘all the bangers’.

They kicked off their performance by taking us back to their 2016 ‘Roots’ EP with the brilliant ‘Little Harder’ and that signature guitar riff. Right from the off, it was a pleasant surprise to see just how much of the Nash Nights crowd genuinely knew all the words – so refreshing to see for a UK act. This was followed up by another party anthem, ‘Where We Are Tonight’ which really reaches its full potential in the live shows with that high-energy chorus and thumping backbeat.

We were also treated to a few new ones which once again showed the continued progression of Holloway Road and a growth in musicality and diversity. Personally, the stand-out moment was their soulful and almost EDM-influenced new single ‘Under Cover’ which was simply born to be performed at Nashville Nights. “We’ll keep it under cover, cover, cover, cover”…try getting this one out of your head! This is a vibe that fits the guys so well and I personally think it’s the strongest track they’ve released to date. Needless to say, it was favourably received by the adoring fans as well as the new converts. Also, keep an eye out for ‘Drive’ in the near future as well as ‘Lit’ (a fairly accurate description of the night’s proceedings).

They finished off their set with fan favourites ‘I Won’t Fall’ and ‘We Said So’. Having followed Jack and Rob for a while and seen multiple performances at the country festivals, these songs feel like UK country standards! With the crowd singing along to the catchy hooks, it was a typically loud, powerful conclusion to yet another storming performance from one of our most accomplished acts!

Nashville Nights is back next Saturday (October 14th) with the brilliant Kevin McGuire! Get your tickets at!

Dan Wharton