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Kathryn Anderson – Black Sheep



Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 23.21.54It’s time to champion the cause of a young British singer-songwriter.

Uckfield based country singer Kathryn Anderson released her debut full length album on Valentines Day. It’s her first release since her 6 track EP ‘The Road Less Travelled’ in 2013.

Kathryn’s love of all things country has led her to Nashville on many occasions. She has appeared at the legendary Bluebird Cafe and has even featured as an extra on the TV show ‘Nashville’. She also tends to style herself on the more traditional artists such as Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline, and this album exposes her influences.

You won’t hear the slick production found on many of the country songs gracing the charts. However, you will hear a very good vocalist, very competent musicians and songs that have traditional country values.

On her website, Kathryn states that she “loves song writing and telling stories, trying to keep a traditional style”

We have 11 songs which never stray too far from this format.

She admits seeking inspiration from Tennessee when writing songs and it’s probably fair to assume that songs such as ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘The Road Less Travelled’ were not written in Sussex! “I’m on the road less travelled and that’s the road I like.”

Stand out tracks are the album’s opener ‘Off This Plane (Are We There Yet)’ and the title track ‘Black Sheep’.

The latter is a very catchy banjo and fiddle-backed country song, very Kacey Musgraves-ish!

Kathryn will be out on the road extensively in the next few months promoting this album and her live dates are listed on her web site

A genuine country singer with a talent for song writing…. And she’s one of ours.

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