REVIEW: Lindsay Ell – ‘Worth The Wait’ EP


As a fan of Lindsay’s incredible voice and insane guitar talent, this EP was definitely ‘Worth The Wait’! She has brought a collection of country/blues/pop tracks to the table, showcasing her own songwriting talent and working alongside Heather Morgan, Caitlyn Smith and songwriter, turned artist, Ryan Hurd on this project.

The title track ‘Worth The Wait’ sees Ell explore that time-old situation, telling the story that every heart has lived at least once…

‘It’ll be worth the wait, worth the wait
To push this heart beyond itself, way past what it should take
I’m crazy, crazy
That’s just what you do when you believe
It’ll be worth the wait’

The story of a heartbreak that could be avoided, but we keep buying in because we believe this time it will be different… the pain will be worth it.

Keeping with the theme of heartbreak, ‘Standing Here’ and ‘Space’ embrace the same somber tones, raw vocals and relatable lyrics. These are most definitely songs for when you’re sat on the kitchen floor in the dark, nursing a glass of Jack and wondering where it went wrong.

‘Waiting on You’ brings a lighter vibe from the start. It’s an up-beat, playful tune looking at the beginning of a relationship.

‘What’s not to like ’bout this new love thing?
Midnight kisses, slow dances in the rain
But you got my heart beating fast’

She knows what she wants and where she’s going with it, she’s just waiting on him to make his mind up… and his move!

‘Like a sailboat wishing for the wind to blow
Like a fast car looking for the green to go
I’m right here, baby
Don’t keep me waiting on you’

‘Criminal’ follows suit with a flirtatious feel, embracing the unexplainable passion that drives you wild. Describing that sense of uncontrollable urgency and inability to stay away from that other person. You know you’re falling, but you don’t want saving.

‘I can’t relax, I’m a tiger pacing in my cage
Cocked like a twelve guage
Feeling like a teenage crush
You’re the habit that I can never get enough of’

The whole EP has a huge John Mayer influence for me, which comes as no surprise.

As Taste of Country reported: producer Kristian Bush had Lindsay cut ‘Continuum’ before she recorded this project. It was the answer she gave to his question of ‘When was the last time you felt like yourself? What album were you listening to at the time?’

He wanted to bring her out as an artist, not just a great guitar player and writer- but as a singer. I think he more than succeeded. Her voice is OUTSTANDING… it’s raw, hard hitting and gives me all the feels. Regardless of which track I listen to on this EP, she draws me in, captivates me and her emotion resonates throughout.

Including ‘Stop This Train’ (one of my absolute FAVOURITE Mayer songs) on this is just the icing on the cake.

I can’t wait to see what Lindsay has up her sleeve for a full-length album!

 Katie Hutchinson

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