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REVIEW: Lisa Wright – ‘Wednesday’s Child’ EP



When you’re watching an artist, often you can tell within a few minutes whether they’ve got that special something. I’d never seen Lisa Wright prior to Buckle & Boots Festival last year. After the first 5 minutes of her set, it was plainly obvious that she’s ‘got it’; a truly unique, subtle and beautiful voice and a collection of instantly memorable tunes that showcased her mature, sophisticated approach to song writing. On Friday (April 21st), Lisa will release her second EP titled ‘Wednesday’s Child’, and as expected she has raised the bar once again.

The EP opens with ‘Rising Strong’, a raw country foot-tapper reminiscent of the material Cam has found success with over in the states. It’s a real attention-grabber, full of attitude and determination to prove a point to that certain someone who’s done her wrong. “Even if it breaks my heart, even if all my rights are wrong, darlin’ I’ll keep rising strong. The clapping back-beat during the chorus is incredibly infectious and it’s the track on the EP that you’ll be replaying in your head for some time. Perfect for the live shows and destined to be a firm fan favourite.

‘In The End’ follows, a stripped-back piano ballad written with Jack Cooper and Rob Gulston of Holloway Road. A real stand-out that gradually builds and builds to a beautifully emotional conclusion; a masterclass in song writing that oozes simplicity but also such quality. The subtle instrumentation gives Lisa the platform to mesmerise us with her flawless vocal delivery; if you needed any convincing that she’s one of UK country’s brightest prospects, have a listen to this.

‘Why Would I Wanna’ is the most mainstream-orientated track on offer melodically. A tale of regret about that person that you just can’t walk away from – “Seems like every time I let myself jump down from that dusty shelf, I get my fingers burned wondering why in the world I wanna let love in”. Another very catchy track with such a hooky chorus that draws you in from the first listen.

‘Waiting For Rain’ slows down the pace again to complete a very impressive EP. This track sees Lisa showcasing her vocal prowess once again using spine-tingling harmonies in the chorus. A reflective look at the ups and downs of life, preaching positivity even when we’re going through the toughest of times. “The sun’s gonna shine….and heaven knows that I won’t complain. I’ve spent a lifetime chasing shadows and waiting for rain”. Absolutely gorgeous.

From start to finish, the production of this EP is top notch which is refreshing to see as it’s often the downfall for British artists. This is classy, intricate and thoroughly professional. I love Lisa Wright’s style; easy listening country at its finest. Be sure to check out this EP on Friday and get behind one of UK country’s most talented and exciting artists.

Dan Wharton (@LifeInASong_Dan)

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