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REVIEW: Miranda Lambert – ‘It All Comes Out In The Wash’ / ‘Locomotive’



It’s been a good while since we’ve had solo music from Miranda Lambert, nearly 3 years in fact, but now she is back with a tune that is just so ‘Classic Miranda’, I feel as if I’ve gone back to 2009 – man, it’s so good! Miranda’s last album was a masterpiece of incredibly well written, stunning songs. Not only was it a double album but it had a different feel; it completely reflected what Lambert was going through in her life at that time, and could go down in history as one of the best heartbreak country albums of all time. However, I did miss the sassy, bolshie character that Miranda usually portrays.

Well, there are no better songwriters to bring back that strong, powerful woman, other than the Love Junkies. The Love Junkies (Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna and Liz Rose) are 3 of the best songwriters in music, penning hits such as ‘Girl Crush’ and ‘Cry Pretty’. These women, out of the public eye, run very normal lives, which ‘It All Comes Out in the Wash’ demonstrates. “You drunk-dialed your ex-husband, don’t remember a thing. Had a fancy dinner at your mother-in-law’s, spilled A1 Sauce on her tablecloth, don’t sweat it, a tide stick will get it.” These kind of lyrics are the reason I love country music; a silly, crazy, but it’s life, it’s relatable. That’s the purpose of music – for people to connect with. I can, minus the ex-husband!

Miranda Lambert’s writing is the kind I hugely admire. It’s a very ‘country’ way of songwriting. She doesn’t often use picturesque imagery. It’s like her lyrics have fallen out of her head/heart onto a page. But always very clever, and so relatable; fascinating and very authentic. Wouldn’t you just love to have a drink with her and talk about her process?

The metaphor of a stain coming out in the wash in this song is hysterical and legitimately accurate.  A very famous saying, ‘it will all come out in the wash’, referring to, in this song’s situation, the challenges an ordinary woman may face. Accidentally spilling a secret, maybe a drop of wine, or in some situations, going though something more serious, this song reassures you it’ll all pass eventually. Just like that stain on your stonewashed jeans.

Queen Miranda can do what she likes, and she’s not one to shy away from surprises. She can give us one song, but this time we’re lucky, we got two songs! ‘Locomotive’ was the added bonus. Lambert premiered this song at CMA Fest in June, so I’m overjoyed we get to hear a recorded version of it. What I was more excited to discover was that Lambert co-wrote this one with Ashley Monroe and K.S Rhodes. It introduces us to a rockier side of Miranda that we’ve not heard thus far, which she says has come from her spending more time in NYC and going through a rock phase, taking inspirations from the likes of Led Zepplin and Fleetwood Mac.

You can definitely hear these influences with the harmonica, heavy electric guitar and foot-stomping drums. Also, ‘Locomotive’ is more autobiographical than single ‘It Will All Come Out in the Wash’, with lyrics such as “I’m a little more Tennesse, there’s whiskey in my veins” and “Cause I’m sweet tea sippin’ on my front porch sittin, while my hubby fries chicken and I’m picking these strings.” Personally, I feel ‘Locomotive’ is Miranda’s way of re-asserting her position, showing us she hasn’t lost her true self. After all, it takes a hell of a lot for a Locomotive to break down.

Shannon Hynes

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