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REVIEW: New Year’s Eve In Nashville



So, this New Years Eve was something special – definitely one to remember! With only 5 days notice, I booked a week in America and welcomed in 2017 in style!

Starting off in Chicago, then onto Indiana and finally finishing up in Nashville – I definitely crammed a lot into 6 days. When I think back it all seems like a blur, but it was definitely worth it. Maybe as time goes by and it sinks in, I will be able to appreciate more what a once in a lifetime week I had. I even became a Nashville Predators fan! The journey continues as i currently battle my new American uber driver friend in a game of online chess. (Who says technology is bad?)

Onto New Years Eve though – what a dream come true. The setup was brilliant. It was the first time the event had been held in Bicential Park as opposed to Downtown Nashville. I can’t imagine the amount of people that attended all fitting onto Broadway comfortably so this seemed like a good decision to me. It reminded me of Hyde Park and had all kinds of food vans, drinks places (hello jack daniels) and even a McDonald’s truck (I love America). And the artists were definitely worth standing in the rain for (it stopped raining at about 9 and it was only light rain so wasn’t too bad. The mud at the end was ridiculous though – it definitely felt like I was back in England at that point!)

Charlie Worsham:
It was so good to get to see Charlie with a full band. For those that have seen him live we already know how good he is solo, but seeing him on a big stage with all the extras was amazing. He was described as ‘if Keith Urban and Vince Gill had a baby together’ and I couldn’t agree more. He sang songs from his new upcoming album, which U.K. Fans who attended his recent tour were given for free. It is such a good album! And I felt kinda cool singing along to songs that haven’t been released yet. You can definitely sense how passionate he is about music when he plays his songs – he looked delighted to be there and the audience looked delighted he was there too!

A Thousand Horses:
I first saw a Thousand Horses back in March at c2c. At the time (I don’t know if it was because i was standing right by the speakers) it seemed that they were too heavy and too loud. I still enjoyed the set, but it seemed a lot heavier than what I’d listened to on the album – so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with how great they were. I think their sound suits bigger venues, and everything from the production to the backing singers was spot on. They really got the crowd going and sounded fantastic; I am definitely looking forward to seeing what is next to come from them. They seem to offer something different in the form of a country group. The two female backing singers are incredible singers and add another level to the group’s performance, and I don’t think there are too many bands about who can rival the energy that all the members have on stage.

I had never heard of this band, but I certainly have now! The crowd seemed really up for them all night whenever their names were mentioned and I can definitely see why! I feel completely ignorant for not knowing that much about them, turns out they have been a big rock band since the 1970s with a whole host of accolades. Honestly, I felt like I was at a Rolling Stones concert. They were amazing! The crowd did not stop dancing and singing for the whole hour they were on, and it would have definitely have gone down well as the headlining set. I can imagine Keith Urban watching from the side thinking ‘damn, I have to follow this?’ If you haven’t heard of them I would recommend giving them a listen, I for one definitely had their greatest hits blasting while driving back from Heathrow.

Keith Urban:
Well the man we had all been waiting for played for nearly two hours (minus a short break to welcome in the New Year) and he did not disappoint! I had never seen Keith before, but obviously knew that I was in for a treat. Playing mainly up-tempo tracks to keep the party atmosphere going, he was electric! I would have liked to have heard songs like ‘Break On Me’ or ‘You’ll Think Of Me’, but completely understand that it was NYE and everyone wanted to party. Singing songs mainly from the new album, he was on fire with brilliant guitar solos. He put together a medley of songs of people that had died in 2016 – David Bowie, George Michael, Merle Haggard to name a few – which even featured a cameo from Nicole Kidman who came on to dance and sing along.

Overall, this was a night to remember. All of the artists who performed put on an outstanding show, the setup and organisation was second to none, and Keith Urban made sure that 2017 was welcomed in in style! And what’s more, all of this was free! I would definitely recommend to anyone to attend this event at some point – trust me, you won’t regret it!

Writer – Andy Cox


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