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Robert Vincent Releases Video For New Single ‘This Town’



One of Liverpool’s most prolific & revered songwriters, Robert Vincent is sharing the video for his brand-new single ‘This Town’. 

Premiered on Billboard “the underlying sentiment to This Town’s video is that of my childhood” explains Robert. “I was keen to capture some of where I grew up as part of the narrative, but also where life had taken me. I’ve spent time in the US towns and cities, Nashville and Memphis, mainly, and more recently Texas, Lubbock home of Buddy Holly, who as a musician has been an inspiring chapter in my life. So, we used some of these locations as a backdrop for ‘This Town’. I have been connected to these places by music, history and films, even before I had visited”.

I wanted to use The Plaza cinema, a beautiful Art Deco building built in 1939 situated just outside of Liverpool, in my hometown of Crosby. It was an important part of the video, because it was my escape as a child. I used to go alone, avoiding my friends interrupting the films. That building meant as much to me as anything from my childhood, more than iconic films and first dates I had there. I added my son to the video to illustrate how I felt about those more laid back days. The innocence of those times compared to now is a world apart, but is something I seek and try to paint within the music on my upcoming new album”.

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