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Roni – ‘Baby Bird’



13434689_1153869974671829_2998710798369472138_n‘Cherish me like a baby bird’ sings Roni Perry on her debut single. The Devon singer/songwriter may have taken her first steps to singing in public at the tender age of three. After spending her teenage years performing in a variety of bands, she relished the opportunity to sing across Europe and also Mexico. With an early highlight being joined on stage by Edwin Starr, Roni reached the stage of a crucial decision. While she loved life on the road, she opted instead to focus on solo motherhood alone instead of the chase her early ambitions.

When asked about the artist she has grown into, Roni asserts that Elvis Presley always taught her to sing. Raised on a musical diet that consisted on Tammy Wynette, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, country music has always been in her blood. However, through her teenage years and into adult life, the eclectic artistry and raw honesty of Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Nicks have resonated with her, and been a huge influence on her own songwriting.

While she many have taken a hiatus from performance international stage, Roni kept performing in her local area and focused her energies on writing extensively. Now armed with in excess of 90 songs, Roni is in the planning stages of an album, which she teases with the release of the rather lush Baby Bird. With her close friend, the multi-Award winning Sarah Jory accompanying her on her fledgling outing, Roni is perfectly placed to return to the music scene full-time.

Baby Bird takes the lessons of her songwriting heroes and applies them flawlessly to her own situation. Written about the man she calls her muse, it is the time old tale of unrequited love. She suggests you listen closely to her lyrics to learn the truth of her situation.


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