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Russell Dickerson Drops ‘Home Sweet’ Video



Russell Dickerson has released his music video for current single “Home Sweet;” dropping exactly eight years from the day he proposed to his wife, as seen in the intimate home video opening.

“Home Sweet is in my top 5 best songs I’ve ever been a part of writing,” said Dickerson. “The stories portrayed and the emotions felt are all real life experiences all wrapped up in this all-out anthem!”

The new video starts with a February 3rd, 2013 home video of the country star getting down on one knee to propose to his now-wife, Kailey. Dickerson continues to take viewers on a historical walk through their eight years together, in step with the real-life inspired lyrics that cite a return from their dream honeymoon “to prayin’ we could pay rent this month.”

Coursing down memory lane, parallel footage wallpapers the room as he asserts home is “more than some bricks and stones,” but that “it’s wherever I’m with you.” Cut to iPhone videos of present day, on the other side of the struggling artist season, with four back-to-back no. 1 singles and their first baby in their dream home: “A quarter acre and a two-bed farmhouse/ Polaroid kiss with a red sold sign/ Sittin’ on boxes in the living room laughin’ and cryin’/ just starin’ at them two pink lines.” 

Check out the video below…

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