Sam Hunt Has Yet Another Top 10 Hit With ‘Make You Miss Me’

sam-hunt-liveSam Hunt has cracked the Top 10 on the country charts with his latest single, “Make You Miss Me,” which apparently makes him the first male artist since Mark Chesnutt in 1991 to have 5 songs from his debut album hit Top 10 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

The song, which Sam wrote with Josh Osborne, Matt Ramsey, is about a guy who wants to make himself as unforgettable to a particular girl as possible.

It’s implied that he wants to make her miss him the way that he misses her when she’s not with him,” says Sam. “The attitude of the singer is a confident one, but there’s also a vulnerability there because he really likes this girl and he misses her, so his only option is to make sure that he’s not forgettable, and he figures out a way to make her miss him.”