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Sarah Darling Drops New Song, “Pretender”



Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling has shared her new track “Pretender,” the third single from her forthcoming EP. Listen here. A new video featuring Sarah, shot in Arizona and produced by Tara Diiorio of Velvet Sky Films, accompanies the single. 

“Pretender,” was co-written by Darling, her close friend and collaborator Emily Shackelton, and Cameron Jaymes, both of whom also served as co-producers. A contemporary country ballad with a cool California vibe, “Pretender” tells the story of a lesson learned.

“When I wrote this song, I was thinking of the kind of self-centred lover who keeps stringing you along. They give you just enough to keep you believing in the relationship, but really, for them, it’s more of a game. They hold the power, and they don’t care whose heart gets broken in the process. There’s a youthful idealism that slips away during this song’s recollection,” Darling offers.

“Pretender” is the latest single on Darling’s upcoming new EP. The earlier singles, “Song Still Gets Me” and “Waves,” were released on January 3 and October 22, respectively.

The EP will be her first new collection of songs since the U.K. /Europe-focused Wonderland project, which was released in June 2019 and earned the #1 country album slot on the U.K. Official Country Charts that year.  

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