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Sarah Darling Releases New Single “Hungover”



Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling has shared “Hungover,” the newest single from her forthcoming EP. The single is available worldwide on all streaming services HERE.

“Hungover” was written on a visit to Los Angeles where Darling met with songwriter musicians Alvaro Rodriguez, Robert Russell, and Troy Scott, who had heard, and was inspired by, her mellifluous voice. Darling, in turn, was inspired by their Latin rhythms and sounds.

“I get a healing, upbeat vibe from the L.A. sunshine. Combine that with the dynamic Latin influence that these talented musicians brought to our co-write, and the result is a feeling that the pain and disorientation of the break-up – as bad or worse than what you might get from a night of drinking – will pass. You can feel the healing through the sorrow, which is ultimately so hopeful,” Darling describes. 

“Hungover” is the fourth single Darling has released in the past six months. All four – “Waves,” “Song Still Gets Me,” “Pretender” and “Hungover” will be included on Darling’s new EP, planned for release in the Spring of 2022. The EP will be her first new collection of songs since Wonderland, which was released in June 2019 and earned the #1 country album slot on the UK Official Country Charts that year. 

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