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Sarah Darling Shares New Song “Waves”



Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling has shared the first taste of her new EP with the first single, “Waves,”, out now. The single is available everywhere here.

With the single, Darling also released a sun-kissed, carefree music video, now showing on CMT.

“Waves” contemplates those moments of reflection in our lives of what might have been. Sarah says, “We can be happy and feel we’ve moved on, but still think of the people and situations that impacted our life. It encompasses that “it comes in waves” feeling we get as humans. We have to ride them out.”

The track was co-written with Rebekah Powell and Joe Hammill. Sarah explains, “We were sitting on my front porch realizing we all have those what-ifs and might have beens, the emotional waves in our life. I think as artists, we try to tell a story that is more than just our own.  It lets listeners feel like they aren’t alone in this world.  That’s the power of music and the joy of being a storyteller.”

The accompanying music video was produced by Tara Diiorio of Velvet Sky Films.

On her new EP, she explains, “I kind of feel like the international girl next door. I’ve spent a lot of time abroad now. Every little nugget of wisdom, all the ups and downs, I’ve kept with me, and this collection of songs is my perspective on it all. There’s a new found strength added to my palette of colours. I’m grateful my story has been a unique one.”

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