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Sasha McVeigh’s ‘Rock Bottom’ Music Video Debuts At #1 On CMT Music



Breakout British country singer and songwriter Sasha McVeigh reached #1 with the exclusive CMT Music video debut of “Rock Bottom.”

Since the release of McVeigh’s single in early July, critics of “Rock Bottom” have been applauding McVeigh’s transparent and raw approach to her lyrics.  In a recent interview with Digital Journal, McVeigh explains the heart behind her latest single saying, “I always try to be as honest as possible in my music and I hope my fans can see that in this song and can relate to it. If this song can help one person realise that hitting rock bottom is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something everybody experiences, then I’ve achieved what I wanted with this song.” Read more here.

Produced and directed by Quinton Cook (Kalie Shorr, Radio Romance, Savannah Keyes, Candi Carpenter, Taste of Country and CRS), the “Rock Bottom” video was shot in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and paradoxically captures great triumph as it is a testament to using life’s woes as building blocks for growth.

The opening scene unveils McVeigh contently walking through an unkept, expanse of field to the nostalgic feel of velvet and a retro mic which lends a subtle nod to the theme of McVeigh’s upcoming, fan-financed EP. McVeigh recollects the mystifying timing of the shoot as books naturally scattered the abandon cabin — “I brought my copy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame to the shoot because we happened to be filming the day after Paris released the news of the fire at the Cathedral. It’s one of my favorite books, favorite Disney movies and Notre Dame is a place I hold very dear. I believed the world felt a sense of the term rock bottom that day, and I wanted to pay homage to that and my connection to it,” stated McVeigh.

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