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Sean McConnell Shares Video For “Price Of Love”



Sean McConnell

Sean McConnell has shared the music video for ‘Price Of Love’, taken from his forthcoming album A Horrible Beautiful Dream (out August 6th).

“The music video for ‘Price Of Love’ is out today and I’m feeling all the feels,” Sean shared, describing a unique video which for the first time, pulls back the curtain on family life with his wife and daughter. “This was an intense journey and I can promise you there’s no one else Dr. Mary Susan McConnell and I would have trusted this with than the crazy talented and golden hearted Steven Kinigopoulos and Alexa King . Thank y’all for helping us share our story and, selfishly, for creating the most epic “scrapbook” for our little family. It’s a treasure we’ll have forever.”

Of ‘Price Of Love’, Sean McConnell said: “’Price of Love’ is a direct result of a conversation I had with my mother on the phone one day while was driving on tour. I was missing my wife and little girl back at home. We talked about the price your heart pays for giving itself fully to someone. It’s scary you know? Scary that something could happen to them. That something will eventually happen to all of us. But yet, most of us decide to risk that. To take the jump. To give up your heart completely.”

The new 13-song collection A Horrible Beautiful Dream features guests and collaborators The Wood Brothers, Fancy Hagood, Natalie Hemby, Audra Mae and Dan Tyminski.

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