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Sean Stemaly Announces Debut Album “Product Of A Small Town”



Sean Stemaly

Sean Stemaly has dropped his latest Big Loud Records release, “Product Of A Small Town,” the title track from his upcoming debut album, Product Of A Small Town. The album will arrive on February 18th and is available for pre-order and pre-save HERE.

Written by Stemaly, David Bliek, Gary Garris, Andrew Marik and Noah Smith and produced by Joey Moi with co-production by Derek Wells, “Product Of A Small Town” is a defining statement from Stemaly, who grew up in the river-bottom fields of Southern Indiana. The driving, guitar-tinged track is an ode to all the things that made the 27-year-old who he is, including good friends, nights out in the open air and turning Country music up loud.

“‘Product Of A Small Town’ is the most authentic representation of my Country and Rock roots all wrapped up in one song,” Stemaly shares. “I want everybody that grew up in a small town to hear it and take pride in where they come from, crank it up and raise a beer to it.”

Product Of A Small Town was produced by Joey Moi and co-produced by Derek Wells with additional production by Stemaly and Lex Lipsitz on select songs. Eight of its 14 tracks were also co-penned by Stemaly.


1. “Product Of A Small Town” — (Sean Stemaly, David Bliek, Gary Garris, Andrew Marik, Noah Smith)
2. “Last Night All Day” — (Matt Dragstrem, Ben Johnson, Hunter Phelps) 
3. “Can’t Be Me” — (Sean Stemaly, John Byron) 
4. “Z71” — (Sean Stemaly, Andy Albert, Brett Tyler) 
5. “Speaking My Language” — (Sean Stemaly, John Byron, Blake Pendergrass) 
6. “Comeback Town” — (Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Ernest Keith Smith) 
7. “Love Me Like Kentucky” — (Sean Stemaly, Ernest Keith Smith) 
8. “WD-40 4WD (feat. Jimmie Allen & Justin Moore)” — (Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill, Josh Thompson) 
9. “Back On A Backroad” — (Michael Hardy, Josh Kerr, Cole Taylor)
*10. “Georgia” — (Sean Stemaly, Davis Branch, Sam Grayson, Ryan Robinette)
**11. “If Heaven Had A Weekend” — (Sean Stemaly, John Byron) 
12. “As Far As I Know” — (Hunter Phelps, Jameson Rodgers, Justin Wilson) 
13. “Hello, You Up” — (John Byron, Jamie Moore) 
14. “Come Back To Bed” — (Sean Stemaly, Andy Albert, Jared Mullins, Alysa Vanderheym)* produced by Joey Moi and Lex Lipsitz** produced by Lex Lipsitz and Sean Stemaly

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