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Sean Stemaly Releases Map-Dot Love Song, ‘As Far As I Know’



Big Loud Records’ riser Sean Stemaly is back with a summertime small-town heartbreak story that hits close to home, “As Far As I Know,” available on all digital retailers and streaming platforms now.

Stemaly’s latest is a new-age provincial anthem with an unshakable hook, detailing the too-familiar story of a love interest kissing their map-dot goodbye for something big past the county line. Penned by Jameson Rodgers, Hunter Phelps and Justin Wilson, and co-produced by Joey Moi and Derek Wells, “As Far As I Know” is told from the perspective of a loyal-to-the-core native whose roots are too deep to leave, an ode to little town living that hopes its charm and familiarity will continue to be enough. 

“From the second my team played me ‘As Far As I Know,’ I immediately connected with it,” shares Stemaly. “It’s line for line a story I had actually lived. When I was 18 living in Evansville, IN, my girlfriend at the time struggled with our small town life. Let’s just say she hung a left at the big church and I never saw her again. That’s why I knew I had to cut it – I can sing it every night at shows and tell a real story, and that’s what Country music is all about. Thank you to Hunter Phelps, Justin Wilson and Jameson Rodgers for writing such a good, honest song and letting me bring it to life.”

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