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Shannon Hynes On Her Forthcoming Single ‘Someone To Drink With’



Wow, I can’t believe I’m releasing my second single. Mr Wharton was kind enough to let me do a little write up on it…

As I get further into my career and release more music, something that will become aptly clear, is I write a lot of drinking songs…and here comes my first, ‘Someone to Drink With’, actually one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. Believe it or not, it came about when I was drinking alone one evening, I was feeling lonely and in a way I was angry at myself for feeling this way, as I’m so incredibly lucky to live in such an amazing city,as London of course is. This song made me realise that those feelings are normal and ok to feel. As a lot of songwriters will tell you, sometimes when you have ‘that’ need to write a song, the relief you can feel after is very weird. I very much got that with ‘Someone to Drink With.’

I have loved this song since the moment I wrote it, but at first, I was playing the demo to people who weren’t necessarily country fans,and nobody really seemed to bite on it or like it very much. I always believed in it and when it came time to go into the studio to record, ‘Someone to Drink With’ was top of my list. I first off showed it to one half of my producer team,Jack Galloway at Skytop Productions, and he loved it. In a way, I couldn’t believe it even though I believed in the song so much. Him and the other half of Skytop, Jack Watson, had this vision for it immediately and it has come onso much since. I couldn’t love it more. Since playing it out live and showing people the track in the months leading up to release, I feel, finally ‘Someone to Drink With’ is finding its way into people’s hearts. It is very much a country ballad and fits into the genre seamlessly, I hope!

‘Someone to Drink With’ shows a completely different side tone, a much darker and deeper side. With ‘I’m Not Pretty’, there was a huge sense of innocence, ‘Someone to Drink With’ wipes that all away. The lyrics were written down as if in real-time, lines such as, ‘when your only friend is the liquor and your six stringed old pal’ and ‘but all you see is the candlelight’, cement that fact. Once again, I was sooo lucky to have some incredibly talented instrumentalists on this track, but being a huge fan of traditional country music, the steel was so important. There is a stunning steel solo in the bridge of the track – it gives me all those old school vibes.Another thing I really wanted on the track was a male harmony. Even though ‘Someone to Drink With’ isn’t a love song and it can be viewed however the listener chooses, the male harmony can add that touch of romance. So I basically bullied… no, I mean encouraged, my producer Jack to put his vocal on it. Wow! Can that dude sing? Seriously, listen closely to his harmony, I would have it louder in the mix, but it would have taken away from the whole point of the song then, y’know being lonely and all that?!

I really hope people love this song as much as I do. I’m really excited to show people a different side to my music and let them get to know me even more. I really do feel this song interprets exactly who I am…basically, a drunk loner.

Shannon Hynes

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