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Sinead Burgess Drops New Single “New Year’s Day”



Sinead Burgess

Australian singer-songwriter Sinead Burgess has released her brand new single “New Year’s Day”, the first track from her upcoming project.

Written and produced by Burgess, “New Year’s Day” is one of the  first songs she penned since being back in Australia, after what was supposed to be only a 1.5 month return from her new home in Nashville, TN stretched into 2 years due to Covid.  

“It has been such a crazy time for everyone. For me, I had every intention of flying back to Nashville at the beginning of 2020, after only planning on being home for a short trip. All of a sudden, the pandemic hit and I haven’t been back to Nashville since. All of my belongings are  all still in boxes over there and I only packed a quick suitcase! Safe to  say life had other plans.”  

Burgess recalls being ‘stuck’ at home in Australia as being one of the biggest blessings in disguise.  

“I was in need of a massive reset. I missed my family, I had gone through massive life changes and I hadn’t slowed down long enough to process  any of it. I was forced to sit with my thoughts and feelings, no matter how  uncomfortable they were and face them. Words and melodies started  pouring out & all of the emotions I had bottled up began to turn into  songs. I got to play my childhood piano and return to the purest form of  music for me, and it proved to be invaluable both professionally and personally.”  

Spending her time in lockdown writing constantly both by herself and on Zoom with new international collaborators, Burgess is armed with a deep well of new material.

“‘New Year’s Day’ is an insight into how each year can feel like a  constant loop when you’re trying to move on from a big relationship. How the promise of a New Year doesn’t always ease the pain of the one before. It’s a pretty hard corner to be in, but all you can do is wait it out  and hope that better times are ahead. And they always are.” 

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