SINGLE REVIEW: Billy Currington – ‘Bring It On Over’


And with one of the biggest songs to hit country radio in 2018! What an absolute banger! With no new music since Summer Forever (2015) fans have been eagerly anticipating a new album.

I love BC anyway and have been a huge fan from the beginning, so I’ve been counting down the days to new single drops ahead of the album he’s been teasing since the beginning of the year. This new music encompasses Billy’s well-known surf vibe, with the added bonus of being a summer-closing smash!

Someone take me to a beach, crack me several cold ones and leave me with this and the sunset.

It’s fruity, punchy and radio-pleasing, without compromising who Billy has always been as an artist. It has beach party written all over it. I cannot sit still while this is blasting!

‘When you say you need me
And you just got to see me
And all you want is me right now
Oh baby just wait a minute….’

All I need right now is a full album drop, cheers Bill….

Katie Hutchinson