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SINGLE REVIEW: Blue Genes – ‘You Make Love Look Easy’



 “I think they’re really great..Ones to watch”
– Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

“I love the purity of Megan’s voice and the great harmonies. It’s great to hear this kind of quality country music coming from the U.K.”
-Jimmy Nichols (Studio Pianist to Carrie Underwood and former musical director to Faith Hill and Reba McEntire)

 Blue Genes have a very distinct USP when it comes to the British country scene. Originating in North Wales, the trio consists of Mother Kay, Father Stephen and their 13-year-old daughter Megan. Kay and Stephen bring a wealth of experience to the table having performed as a duo since the mid-nineties, dabbling in a variety of genres. Now, they have found a home in country music and are sharing the spotlight with their daughter; a lovely concept that you don’t see anywhere else.

2016 was an exciting year for the family, having performed at a number of British country music festivals and been nominated for Band Of The Year at the UK Country Radio awards. They had a successful release of their debut EP ‘Small Town Rumours’ and now they are back with a brand new single, titled ‘You Make Love Look Easy’.

The track veers more towards the Americana side of things, stripping the instrumentation right back to simply an acoustic guitar. The track begins with Kay’s very strong, accomplished vocal introducing a tale of someone who’s ever-lasting love stands up against all of life’s ups and downs and will always be there through the toughest of moments. “It’s a million little things that lead to wedding rings, the way that your hands perfectly entwine…it’s not some fairytale, sometimes you’ll want to bail, but this love you made will always win the fight”.

Stephen and Megan join proceedings in the chorus, and the attenuate instrumentation allows their impressive harmonies to take centre stage. “You make love look easy, like hard times ain’t so hard at all. Seem to fit so completely, always there when the other takes a fall”

There’s a lovely innocence and subtlety about the track; it’s raw, hearty and very easy on the ear. It’s almost as if you’re intruding on a writing session. Don’t expect any in-your-face production here, they’re a vocal harmony group and that’s exactly what you get. It’s calming, gracefully-written country music that I’m sure will prove popular at the festivals over the summer.

Dan Wharton (@LifeInASong_Dan)

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