SINGLE REVIEW: Chris Young – ‘Losing Sleep’


Firstly, a moment of honesty. I am a relatively new Chris Young fan. This new found love came around after my discovery of ‘I’m Comin’ Over’  just last year. So this fresh love either puts me in a really great position to review Chris’ latest addition to the Country Music world or, perhaps, a really bad one.

From the moment ‘Losing Sleep’, the first single to drop ahead of his yet untitled album release, was made available; I have observed a real mixed bag of opinions both from loyal Chris Young fans and from those who are not.

My first reactions were that of great delight at Young’s seduction techniques right from the first word. This may not be an authentic Country song by some standards but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sold on vocals alone.

The RCA artist teamed up with well known Nashville names Josh Hoge and Chris DeStefano to pen this one and I’m sorry to say that I don’t think the trio would have been ‘Losing Sleep’ over these lyrics. The lyrics are simple, repetitive and I’m afraid to say that they lacked any depth. Honestly though, it didn’t matter, the lyrics served their purpose and add to that Chris’ sultry tones – I wasn’t entirely bothered what he was saying.

I was drawn in by a slow, soft guitar; giving me space to enjoy that character in Young’s voice, which I mentioned. Chris Young is undoubtedly one of the finest male vocalists in the Country Music world.

The track builds to a mid-tempo sound teetering on the edge of the genre and definitely bringing some pop influences to the table.

In my humble opinion, the track was extremely well produced and for me, it was the tempo change that sealed the deal from the first listen. So what if it’s not the country sound we know that Chris is capable of?  Where is the harm? Especially as it has the potential to draw in a new audience to the Country Music world.

I think Chris and Co. have played it safe with this one and although I’d usually be the first to stand beside the sentiment of “no risk, no reward” I have to admit that ‘Losing Sleep’ has definitely got me listing and interested to hear the sound from the rest of the album, the release date of which is yet unknown. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Attracting listeners and getting us interested?

So in short – if you like a romantic, love song with a chorus full of subtle innuendos to boot; then Chris Young’s ‘Losing Sleep’ is well worth 3 minutes of your time, even if it’s just to hear his amazing voice.

Solid 6.5/10

Lynn Colhoun

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