SINGLE REVIEW: Dan + Shay – ‘Tequila’


DAN AND SHAY HAVE A NEW SINGLE OUT Y’ALL…and it’s freaking amazing!

Has it really been nearly 2 years since we had any new music from this dynamic duo?! Wowsers! I’m so glad I got to see these guys at the intimate Deaf Institute in Manchester a couple years back, following the release of Obsessed. The album was a massive success and was home of 2 number 1’s for the duo. They definitely aren’t playing small shows like that anymore and it is so well deserved. Now, we have a brand-new song to be obsessed with.

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila…. Floor! Can I get an Amen?

But nope, that’s not the kind we’re talking about today… too many stories, too little time!

The totally gorgeous Tequila is not the party track that you would instantly associate the title with. The boys have truly outdone themselves with this one. The first track to be released from their upcoming, third studio album, is a nostalgic work of art. It has spent the past week at Number 1 on the Apple Music Country chart, after it hit the top spot not 24 hours after release, and is still currently at Number 6 on the American iTunes chart across all genres.

The guys have stayed true to the style we have come to know and love. Instead of channelling a party vibe, have delved deeper into what happens when we reminisce over a drink. Those familiar feelings get dragged up and we think back to what we were doing the last time we drank that one drink, with someone that isn’t there anymore. Heartbreak and hangovers… killer man.

Shay’s dreamy vocals always pull on the heartstrings… mixed with Dan’s harmonies, it’s a recipe for continued success. I truly believe every word Shay delivers throughout the song. He has well and truly mastered the art of emotional connection and I can literally feel the pain in his voice. The track is beautifully put together; gentle piano and guitar, builds in just the right places to hit you hard at the right time. It’s simple and so effective, no over-production required.

The chorus is so dang catchy, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be stuck in my head until summer! Seriously, I am constantly walking around my house singing ‘when I, when I, when IIIIIIIII’ and my flat mates think I’m crazy!

Dreamy guys, dreamy. Well played, just what we needed to start the year off right. Keep ‘em coming!

Katie Hutchinson

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