SINGLE REVIEW: Darius Rucker – ‘Life’s Too Short’


Fresh from a joyously triumphant appearance at this year’s C2C Festival in London, Darius Rucker has released ‘Life’s Too Short’ as the second single from his upcoming album, due in October of this year. Following on from the more somber and serious, “If I Told You’, ‘Life’s Too Short’ is a big, big, big summer anthem that has already found its way onto BBC Radio 2’s playlist and is destined to be many people’s ‘go to’ song of the summer.

As soon as you hear the opening line, ‘Hmmm, that breeze feels good, don’t it?’, which follows on from the bright and breezy guitar / banjo combo opening riff you know you are in for three minutes of summer fun.  Think the laid-back vibe of ‘Southern Style’ mixed with a healthy dose of ‘I Don’t Care’ and you would be in the right vicinity here – it’s great to see an artist of Darius’ gravitas, renowned for his meaningful songs like ‘So I Sang’ and ‘It Won’t Be Like This For Long’ cutting loose with such a laid back summer anthem, and make no mistake, an anthem this is, as ‘Life’s Too Short’ is almost ALL chorus.

‘I don’t like drinking beer, I love it. On the back porch, swinging with my honey. Life’s too short just to like it so you’d better get to lovin’ this livin’ before it’s gone. Life’s too short.’ Rucker sings, beer in hand and smile on face in what must be one of the longest choruses you’ll hear in a long time. Underpinned by some breezy guitar work and a banjo, the song bobs along, augmented by some good ‘Woh Oh’ gang vocals in the ‘after chorus’ section too.

Lyrically, there is nothing new here – it’s a drinking, loving, living, chillin’ song, the type of sentiment echoed across Country music since the beginning of time but what differentiates it from its myriad cousins and competitors is Rucker’s heartfelt delivery and vocal style. Whilst he excels at singing the quieter love songs his vocals are also suited to this type of big anthem, something he might not have explored as much as he could have done in his past work. ‘Wagon Wheel’, similar in tone to ‘Life’s Too Short’ was an indicator that he could do big choruses and breezy Country tones and he has taken that one step further here in a song that is destined to become a firm fan favourite live. One listen and you can almost feel your hand involuntarily reaching for a beer! Yes, there is nothing new or ground-breaking here but music doesn’t always have to push boundaries, sometimes you just want to sit down, chill out, listen to some uncomplicated tunes and get your good time on. ‘Life’s Too Short’ has just become the poster boy song for doing that. Enjoy and welcome to summer 2017!

(Out 14th July)

James Daykin
Twitter – @rockjames

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