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SINGLE REVIEW: Dexeter – ‘I Hope It Hurts’



Welcome back to Dexeter. The story so far: a male-female duo from England self-finance and tour an album and an EP, and independently become one of the UK’s top country acts. Bob Harris has them in for a session on his Radio 2 show, and the band win fans at many British country music festivals, including Buckle & Boots and Country2Country. Just because this sort of thing matters, they have 7612 Twitter followers and 4400 Facebook likes.

This song should considerably add to those metrics, because it’s an awesome piece of music that will sound amazing on Chris Country this summer…unless you’re the guy who did Deeanne wrong!

Singer Deeanne is at a party and meets a guy whom she can tell is ‘the only one…[he] took my breath away’. ‘He knew he had me, it wasn’t far to fall,’ remembers Deeanne as the guitars rise and the voices echo around her. The harmonies from the blokes in the band, along with guest vocalist Holly Rose Webber, are delightful.

“You’re a lyin’ cheatin’ my-heart-stealin’ waste of air, and I just don’t care! I understand they’re only words,” sighs Deeanne in words that could have come out of a Nashville writers’ room, each line of the chorus with a different hook. “I hope you get what you deserve!” she cries. Carrie Underwood could pull this off wonderfully, as would Miranda in her ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ days. Deeanne is right up there with her vocal prowess.

“I hope she likes them too” is the line that gives away that the chap has moved onto somebody new, leaving Deeanne to wish him the worst. The vocal rivals Jess Clemmons and Lucie Silvas, and points towards a more expansive sound for Dexeter, who are probably best known for their tender ballads. The guitar solos in the song, sometimes lasting only a phrase in the verse, are brief but beautiful. They prove that Dexeter are a guitar-and-vocal combination, with one as important as the other.

As Deeanne’s impassioned vocal sings how the guy “made me feel stupid how you strung me along”, the listener wonders whether she will find a new, better guy. To find out, tune into the next episode of Dexeter.

Jonny Brick

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