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SINGLE REVIEW: Foreign Affairs – ‘One Of These Days’



Having signed to Peer Music UK a year ago, 2020 was to have been the year that properly launched Foreign Affairs, the Bristol brothers Adam and Lawrence Purnell. As with just about everything else since, things didn’t quite turn out as planned. But Foreign Affairs have kept busy with a string of singles. Their latest release is ‘One Of These Days’, a magnificent atmospheric muse.

‘One Of These Days’ sounds far from the Americana of their debut EP ‘The Old Fire Station’. The single feels as if it came straight from Nashville but with a much lighter production touch. Country-pop? It doesn’t matter, these guys present their compelling lyrics with a maturity that belies their youth.

Opening with sparse soul searching, ‘I’m scared of getting old and closer to the ground’ they conclude ‘but it’s ok, I’m going one of these days’. Around these bleak thoughts swirl a mysterious guitar line that blends into a fabulous echoing crescendo.

As with their previous singles, Foreign Affairs have proved they are highly polished musicians. Let’s hope we can see as well as hear a lot more of them next year. By the way, Bob Harris is a fan.

Lyndon Bolton

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