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SINGLE REVIEW: Gary Quinn – ‘Shame’



13590340_10154239485289534_5817080964126316723_n3 time British Country Music Award winner Gary Quinn is set to release his brand new single ‘Shame’ next week, following superb reviews at the inaugural Buckle & Boots Country Festival a few weeks ago. The single is the first taste of a new EP which Gary plans to release in the near future.

“Shame really came from a situation I was looking in on. I could see a person making the same mistake and getting hurt but never learning from it. I was also listening to Lady Antebellum’s song ‘Need You Now’ which triggered me to thinking that although in their song it all ends ‘happily ever after’ I felt that it sounded like someone might get hurt. Hence ‘Shame’ was born almost as a reply to ‘Need You Now’ and the subject needed a little more of an edgy sound on the recording, which I feel we achieved and I’m pretty excited about people hearing it.”


It’s not your typical Gary Quinn track; it doesn’t particularly fall into the ‘traditional’ category that much of Gary’s music can be classed as. It has a much more mainstream, ‘Nashville’ sound if you like, driven by an incredibly catchy electric guitar riff which grabs your attention right from the first note. Nevertheless, a pedal steel is still present throughout the track, creating a wonderful mix of old-style and new-style country. It’s rather refreshing to see an artist continuing to use a pedal steel, even in a more edgy song like ‘Shame’.

“I wake up and catch you leaving, looking over your shoulder. Deja vu all over again. A little bit of wrong can feel so right until it’s over. When will I learn that this won’t change?”. Lyrically, the song completely draws you into the struggles of an individual who just can’t move on from that certain somebody, despite realising the pain that the relationship creates.

I must also mention Gary’s vocal delivery which is tremendous as always. Particularly towards the end of the track where it becomes a testing one to say the least, Gary makes it seem effortless and it’s a showcase for his impressive vocal range. He can certainly cut it live too. It’s a voice I could listen to all day long…you don’t get ‘Male Vocalist Of The Year’ nominations for nothing, right?

In an interview at Buckle & Boots (which can be seen below), Gary told me that this wasn’t necessarily a reflection of the rest of the EP, which will “retain a Gary Quinn sound”. If this is indeed an experimental track, it’s certainly passed the test.

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