SINGLE REVIEW: Heather Morgan – ‘Your Hurricane’


Mighty successful songwriter Heather Morgan has just released her first piece of material as an artist, ‘Your Hurricane’. With credits on hit songs such as Dierks Bentley’s ‘I’ll be the Moon’ and Brett Eldredge’s ‘Beat Of The Music’, it comes as no surprise that ‘Your Hurricane’ is presented to us as a stunningly intricate epitome of a perfect country song.

Joining the highly classified ranks of women releasing country music in the more traditional sense, it comes as quite a shame that this song most likely won’t get the recognition it’s well and truly entitled to receive. The Southern twang of her vocal runs help her to slide right in amongst those classic female voices. The agonising emotion that comes through in the vocal only helps to portray the sheer heartbreak of the story that is told through the lyrics, which ultimately is the breakdown of a relationship, in which the protagonist can not escape the pain. Hence the metaphor ‘hurricane’, demonstrating the overtaking, impossible power of the feelings.  Following Morgan’s backlog of well-known songs, it may seem as if she has stepped out of her comfort zone with ‘Your Hurricane’, but it turns out she’s done the complete opposite and perhaps she just needed to feel something deep and emotional to release what’s been living in her soul the whole time.

‘Your Hurricane’, I feel, is a song that a woman would find very easy to connect with. The way the lyrics are structured alongside the elegant instrumentation, result in the song being so easy to listen to and immediately becomes such a lovable song. I am so excited to watch Heather Morgan’s artistic career unfold and can’t wait for the release of her debut album ‘Borrowed Heart’ on October 5th. With co-writes with the likes of Lori McKenna and Ross Copperman dominating the 12-track project, I mean, it’s going to be a corker! Seriously, keep on eye on this girl, she’s one to watch!

Shannon Hynes

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